Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I know it's been For-e-ver since I last put anything on here, and in my inability to sleep last night I was thinking about it. Wondering, do they delete your blog with a certain time of inactivity? Anyway, I dion't have anything profound to write-lack of sleep zaps half your brain cells. But, here are some pics of the kiddos lately. I will do my best to write something about what we've been up to, later.
Aaron working on a snowman
Reapacheeep in Aaron's sleeve, his favorite place to play! The grandchildren with Gram and Papa
The Wilson children and grandchildren at Mom and Dad Wilson's
for Christmas
Cousins having icecream and a movie
Aaron got an ipod for Christmas this yr and he didn't even have any interest in the other presents! I just thought this picture was cool.
Aaron and his cousin Nicole, getting ready to run outside when it turns midnight, NYE. Great fun these guys have! (doesn't aaron look like ralphie's friend on The Christmas Story movie!!)
Catie Joy

Friday, August 14, 2009

Great Great Gramma

@};-I love you Gramma@};-

Monday, July 27, 2009

Has anyone seen Caitlyn???

While the boys were away at Cousin's Club (they were gone for 3 days), Caitlyn was somewhat beside herself, not knowing what to do without her brothers. She clung to me like bees on honey. Always wanting me to play or read or hold her. While I enjoyed this extra time with her, it did get somewhat frustrating when I had plans of organizing my school room. Imagine her delight when she woke to them coming in after her nap yesterday afternoon! I haven't seen her since! She has been off playing with them all day! I am so blessed that my children enjoy eachother, and I pray that I can continue to foster this as they grow.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Motivate me!!??

I have been desperately trying to get back into shape after my very long recovery from major illnesses after Caitlyn was born. I actually started to run last summer and did it for a while, and lost some weight while doing it. But then we moved to Upstate NY in winter!! After the long break, let's just say, my same ol' attitude about running is back. I only run when chased! Karate has been fantastic, but it's not enough, at only 3 days/wk for 45 min. The roads out here are great, little traffic, beautiful scenery, and a little hilly (which isn't great for a beginner runner). But, I just can't seem to make myself do it! There is a 5k race in Sept, which seems really far off, and such a short distance. i cannot find anymore races around here, was hoping for a 10k. Although, that sounds like soooooooo much running! Oh yeah, not to mention the really scarey Rotty that lives about 5 houses down! He's one scarey, and BIG dog!! He lives down the flat road, which forces me to run down the other hilly road. So, there's my babble and whining about running and fitness. My dear running friends, kick my cyber bum and get me motivated to run!!!


FREEDOM: 1.exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc. 2.the power to determine action without restraint. 3.political or national independence. 4.personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery
Today our pastor spoke on Freedom, and what it means to those of us who believe. As we celebrate our nation's freedom, with picnics, parties, fireworks and all the festivities, do we really understand what we have? Do we understand the lengths to which the soldiers went for this freedom? Freedom to worship Him who gave us this freedom. What else are we free from, in Christ?
Free from fear of death. When we believe in Him, we have no reason to fear death. Death actually means life, no more sin and sadness but life for Eternity with Him!
Freedom from condemnation. Christ died so that our sins would be forgiven, wihout guilt and conviction. To know that if we make a mistake, we can come to Him, with a repentant heart and He will truly forgive us! That we can brush off, and start anew each time we fall.
I know sometimes I take these things for granted, much more than I should. Thankyou Lord, for all you have done for us, and for the freedom we have to worship you. Thankyou for the men that fought for this freedom, let us not take our freedom for granted!
I had the feeling I was being watched by something tonight. As I was standing on our sidewalk waiting for the kiddos to come inside, and I turned towards the bush in fron of me and there sat a bird, about 2 ft from me. He never moved, just continued to watch me, and then Caitlyn, Ethan and Aaron. Yes, we looked him over from a small distance to make sure he wasn't hurt, nothing seemed to be wrong. Bizarre. He just kept tilting his head, wondering what we were doing. The children even got really close to it and he never moved. Nature is so amazing!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

My neighbor called us over today to see an iceberg. Now, it has been an unseasonably cool summer, but not that cold! Turns out they went to Newfoundland for holiday last week and saw some icebergs. These icebergs make thier way all the way from Greenland, and float down what's now known as "Iceberg Alley" near Newfoundland. It actually takes these icebergs 2 yrs to go this distance. here is the remains of the one she brought home with her. She asked the boys if they wanted some for thier cold drink, but they thought that was gross! Truthfully, it's pretty pure water from the mountains, even though it spends it's time in the saltwater all throughout it's travel. Ryan took the picture, a budding photographer that boy!

Some of the many faces of Caitlyn

We have baby birds! Steve pointed out the nest on our front porch the other day and he wasn't sure if there were babies or not. Well, I managed to catch the mama going to feed the babies, and must have scared her away. That left the babies wondering where their food went! Sorry babies!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Horses and Turkeys and deer, Oh MY!

Because we live out in the country, we see a number of farms and wildlife whenever we drive somewhere. Caitlyn loves looking for the cows and horses, they are pretty easy to spot from her point of view. One of the things I remember vividly from my childhood is my dad always looking out the car window for deer and turkey. He's a hunter, so was always looking out for them, hunting or not. My mom also burned in my memory the fact that deer run out in the road when you least expect it especially in the spring and fall, so we always had our eyes peeled at dusk looking for them. Funny the way you remember some things from growing up. So, I have been teaching the boys to spot deer and turkey as we drive through the country side. Caitlyn is always asking me where the cows and horses are and I saw Aaron sitting up looking very intently out the window the other day in the car, it was so neat to see him interested in it like I was/am.
Last Week I took the plunge and brought everyone to the strawberry patch down the road to pick strawberries for jam. I was so excited to be making jam again!!! We picked 2 flates of strawberries (which is about 9 quarts-i think). It was a little difficult to convince Caitlyn they weren't for eating yet, hopefully the stained face and clothing didn't give her away to the farmer!
One of the blessings of many hands is, light labor. It only took about 1/2 an hr to pick all those strawberries and they were delighted when I mentioned they all needed to be smashed! So, they took turns mashing the berries woth all the noises that accompany boys smashing things.
Unfortunately, my luck ran out at that oint and the process became more difficult from there. I bought the wrong pectin. I will spare the details. So, 3 trips to the store, 9 boxes of pectin, and 24 hrs later, I have 24 jars of homemade strawberry jam! Yeah!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A few months ago the boys and I joined karate. It was a love of mine from childhood. I never got my black belt, and have always wanted to meet that goal. What better time to do this, then when you have 3 boys to enjoy it with!
Here they are having fun showing off some of the things they have learned so far.
Caitlyn is very instinctual, and it's been fun watching her. If there is a need, she seeks to help and fill that need. Especially when it's cleaning something, maybe because it's something she knows, and it's easy, who knows if it will branch out as she grows.
When we were at Aunt Pammy's house a few weekends ago, she saw the floor was dirty and needed to clean it. What a sweet little one. (now all i need to remember is these moments when she is pitching a fit when i ask her to clean up her toys, cause we all know that's not so sweet!!)